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It has been a quite a while since I posted something, due to the huge mess of switching dev team. This obviously changed a lot of things and the transformation obviously takes time, which is the exact reason I haven’t posted in a while.

While a lot of interesting stuff has and is going on right now, I will not be posting any updates yet. I will probably start reviewing updates when the billing starts, because that would indicate that the game is worth while playing.

Let’s just hope it does get to that point…

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Large-Scale Update – 2/2

Here is the second update, however I did hear that there is one more coming at the end of december. I’m not sure though.

So the update size was fairly large, but for some reason I didn’t really feel anything major was done. Only very noticeable aspect for a regular player, was that there is now a timer that shows when your spells are going to wear off.

When you enter a town, you’ll notice that it’s snowing and there are some small christmas decorations. Fun fact is that when you enter say, under a bridge, you are unable to see the snow on the distance/horizon. So basically the snowing is just a clientsided effect that happens when you are standing outside (and nothing is above you). Poorly done effect I must say.

Nothing else I really noticed, because I hate leves, repetitive crafting and the NM’s that they added are like Lv. 50.

P.S. The servers are completely empty.

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Hiromichi Tanaka “Resigns”

A quick update before Dec. 15th’s update.

It was announced a few days back that mr. Hiromichi Tanaka steps down from the producers stool. Now to any possible Tanaka fans out there, he will still be around to support FF14, just in a different position.
There are also other changes in the staff, so be sure to check the full list from lodestone.

Even after 4 years of FF11, I barely know who Tanaka is because he was in the dark fairly often. I sure am glad that we are getting some change here, and give someone else a chance.

P.S, Tanaka sure looked cool at Fanfest, when he walked on the stage while Dynamis-Xarcabard music was being played on the background.

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Large-Scale Update – 1/2

Finally the first patch is here.

The list of fixes is astounding, and some of the most important ones are the SP gain and UI lag. However a small note that the UI lag is not exactly “gone”, because It just can’t be fixed like that. They have to make a whole new UI which is an excruciating process, but for now it seems like they have tried to make it temporarily more client side.
(Minimizing the actions that require transferring data between the client and the server, ex. menus)

I don’t want to sound pessimist here, but when it comes relying on SE again, don’t let this successful update fool you. This patch is merely just a start, and only fixed critical issues and bugs. I see the future updates more important, when the player base has more understanding of the game. Then it will be interesting to see, if SE goes out of It’s own way or listen the players.

Until next time, Adrian signs out ^.~!

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Miracle Patch On The Way?

So just recently I cancelled my account, because I received an email stating that the free trial period was going to expire soon. Since they haven’t landed any updates, why would anyone want to pay for it?

Well shortly after cancelling my account, I saw this new topic at BG stating that we get yet another free month. This means that the players have gotten now a total of 90 days free playtime.

On top of that, Square-Enix actually started posting the updates and there is a huge list of fixes coming up. The list is so long that i won’t be putting it here, but you can check it from

So will these patches make this game fun and actually playable?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain. SE has certainly apologized in several interviews and what comes to communication, they have taken decent steps forward.
I guess at this stage It’s a must, since it really seems that nobody cares about the current version of the game, thus making it an economical disaster for SE.

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ITMedia Games Interviews Hiromichi Tanaka

Interesting interview caught my eye the other day. I usually don’t read interviews so much, but this shitty answer from Tanaka raised my eyebrows.

Although this is a numbered Final Fantasy, it has a very different style and system.  What about FFXIV makes it a Final Fantasy title?

Tanaka: If you’re asking me “what is a Final Fantasy?” then that’s a question I get quite often.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear answer for that.  There are some similarities between the worlds, such as the crystals and the use of elemental magic spells, but for the development team, it’s always about creating the best RPG out there.

I don’t understand why Tanaka would give an answer like this one. This makes me wonder have they completely forgotten what Final Fantasy stands for, and why it was named “Final Fantasy” in the first place.

How I Define Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy for me was always about traveling through the world, making friends along the way that would help you to destroy the darkness. Even though friendship always played big role in the series, you also got to follow the main character’s love story.

Final Fantasy was also about being a hero, the only one that was capable of saving the world. You would go through epic battles and story, that were designed with heart.

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Square-Enix Speaks Up!

So today we received interesting news, which you can read right Here.

I was very excited to actually see an official post by the developers themselves. It’s interesting how so simple post creates so much joy on the forums.

My initial thoughts were positive, but after getting over the “excitement” part, I started wondering why are we getting this message so late? Of course this is just a business move, so that the players will stick a bit longer, giving Square-Enix time to win over some of the customers.

Mixed Feelings

Now I’m really torn apart here, because I don’t know if I want to trust them again, even though they have shown good faith. Additionally, would have we gotten this special message if people didn’t threat to quit the game after the free month?

Here is a quote that bothers me the most:

Nothing is more important to us than seeing to the prompt implementation of the various changes and features players desire to improve playing conditions.

Nobuaki Komoto

Notice the part that I have highlighted. The community of FF11 has loudly stated long time ago their dissatisfaction concerning SE’s way of communicating. It seems that they only take it seriously, if people are really pissed about something together, causing their MMO business to slide down significantly.

My Last Words

I actually can’t comprehend this situation in my mind, because the player base has complained about the communication issues since FF11. Now that’s a long time.
From business perspective and assuming Square-Enix really follows forums, wouldn’t it be wise to communicate with the player base, especially seeing what kind of joy it creates?

Are we going to see Square-Enix communicating with us more often in the future?
Who knows, that’s why I will be on my toes at all times.

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